Tech Air offers a full-service BIM division. We use MEP Revit in conjunction with Quickpen

DD3D and Navisworks. We use GoTo Meeting to host project meetings. For file sharing we use

Smartsheet and Dropbox. We also have used Sharefile , BIM 360, Latisa, Glue and Box on other

projects where we were not the hub. We have 9 full time drafters and 2-part time drafters that all come

from a sheet metal background. By utilizing these systems we are able to design, draft, and build sheet

metal systems that are efficient and economical.

In conjunction with our BIM process we utilize Trimble software and Total Robotic Stations for layout

assistance with all of our hangers, wall penetrations, equipment and all other components of the duct

systems. We also work for several general contractors assisting them with layout of steel, landscaping

and all other general building systems. We have over 10 years of experience using these systems.

Our BIM division also plays a large role in utilizing prefabrication of duct system components for over a

decade. We assemble our entire duct systems in 10’ to 20’ sections depending on size of duct and

means and methods of material handling on the job site. These sections of duct including all accessories

such as dampers, access doors, etc. are derived from spool drawings that the coordinators develop for

each 10-20’ section so the installer has installation instructions for each section.